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This Ep is Part III of Must Not Sleep’s epic trilogy also known as Neil & Erik had a lot to say on this one. If you’ve listened to the other two parts, you know that this one is all about Lauryn Hill and the piece she wrote on medium.com a couple of weeks ago. We begin with some background on Robert Glasper’s interview, the importance of his sunglasses, and his accusations against Lauryn Hill (7:15). From there is a deep dive on Ms. Hill’s piece beginning with her decision to compare herself to Harriet Tubman (14:40). We also give our theories & opinions (30:45) on the L-Boogie rumors that her fellow performers over the years were not allowed to look her in the eye (something she denies) and instructed to call her “Ms. Hill” (something she confirms). We finish with some similarities between Lauryn Hill & Michael Jackson (43:35) and the importance of Black artists (& Black people) asserting personhood (50:50). There’s a lot in this one, and we still make sure to provide you some Must Not Sleep items (1:05:20). Action packed!

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