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Two friends met some years back during a happy hour on a warm evening (August? September?), and they discovered a kinship over a shared love of hip hop.

eb: Oh! You dig hip hop too?! (a bit too excitedly)
NK: Yeah, but you probably wouldn’t know a lot of the stuff I’m into. (a bit too condescendingly)
eb: Try me! (he replied entirely too eager for the challenge)

Thus began one of many back and forths contemplating beats, rhymes & life. This blog and podcast is a product of those past convos and the many more still to come.

Our theme is borrowed from the MC who we bonded over that night, Aesop Rock, who borrowed it from Invasion of the Body Snatchers (it doesn’t get more hip hop than an idea taken from an idea). In the movie, the next phrase doesn’t appear immediately (as it does in Aesop’s lyrics) but the thought is there: Must Warn Others.

This blog and podcast is an attempt to follow that mantra.


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