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Look, we’re not saying that we’re saving the country one conversation about emojis at a time. We just don’t see anyone else out there asking the difficult questions. Case in point:

Text Convo 1

I have a confession to make. Before Neil asked me about the white emojis, I never really paid attention to the shades getting lighter. I just assumed they were lighter shades for POC and chose the one that matched me best. Why?:

Text Convo 2

Btw, white allies, don’t do that ^. I hate to sound like the NRA but stay your lane (may I never repeat another thing the NRA says). Continuing below, “supremacisty” was definitely on purpose:

Text Convo 3

Good job, Neil. Asking the tough questions and slyly referencing a past MNS blog post.

Text Convo 4

And we did post it. Problem solved. We ask the tough questions and put them out into the world. Feel free to use this post as a conversation starter in your upcoming family holiday discussions. What could go wrong?

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