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“It’s a very good pop album” is Part II of Must Not Sleep’s epic trilogy also known as Neil & Erik had a lot to say on this one. In this part of the trilogy we discuss Travis Scott’s Astroworld. We express complete surprise (not really) at the album going number one & give our first impressions (2:00), consider how Travis made an homage to Houston (15:35) as well as his many references to Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians (18:05) [those two things actually relate!], and then finish Astroworld with a nice dive into the final song on the album “Coffee Bean” (21:15). We’re not gonna lie, just like Houston’s chopped & screwed movement we chopped a few beats off this one, but also like the movement we think it came out pretty good in the end. Props to our new sponsor Sueños (30:35) for sponsoring all three parts!

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